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When looking for the best way to represent your brand, investing in a booth designing company with a proven track record, can prove to be impactful for your organization.

As a reputable booth building company that specializes in designing booths of specific sizes, we at Expo Stand Services LLC always pay attention to what our clients want. And that’s the reason why the 20X40 display rental booth we design, are unmatched in all the aspects. Our designed booths are not only visually appeasing, but they also possess the ability to leave a lasting impression of your brand. If you’re someone who’s looking for a company that specializes in developing such larger sized booth, we can be of great help to you. We understand the importance of a spacious design that can create a significant impact. However, we’ve also mastered the art of tailoring our 20X40 exhibit rental booth to create a distinctive position for your brand. You can trust our expertise, or you can delve into the details that reflect the profitability of hiring our services.

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Why should you be choosing us for your 20X40 rental booths?

 Below are some important pointers for you to understand why we are the first choice for exhibitors who are looking for 20X40 trade show booths and exhibit displays:

  • Our booths enhance your brand’s visibility:

    When you hire ESS to get yourself a 20X40 exhibit rental booth, you get the benefit of enjoying all the advantages of having a larger booth. For instance, a larger booth is always visually unique as it takes a lot of space. But our booths, not only take space, but they beautify it with a fresh design that gives it a sleek and modern look. We utilize the larger area to offer your products and services, a platform where they’re displayed to grab the attention of as much a broader audience. When the audience get a clear view of all that your brand has to offer, your brand’s visibility skyrockets.


  • They’re specifically designed to encourage visitor engagement:

    Our 20X40 display rental booth is always developed keeping in mind the success of every company that hires our services. That said, if you come across us and need our booths, you’ll notice that our booths are always designed specifically to enhance functionality to the farthest extent. Making a booth functional in all sense, helps in improving the overall visitors’ engagement significantly. For instance, our designs come up with product demonstration zones, specified area for reception, and attendee interaction zones where they can interact with your products and/or services.

    With a cohesively designed booth like this, your booth will surely witness enhanced visitor engagement. Secondly, we utilize your booth’s space to accommodate multiple activities to boost customer relationship. It also broadens your target market and helps you cover uncharted terrains in the global market. Not only that, but our multiple booth types, such as double decker booths help us create spaces for interacting with other participants as well. And when they look at a meticulously designed booth like ours, the chances of networking with them also increases. Our designs help visitor engagement, but they also help in improving the reputation of your brand by promoting word of mouth.

  • Our booths are highly adaptable and cost-effective:

    Another reason for you to hire ESS for your 20X40 exhibit rental booth is that we are focused to develop a stand that’s inherently highly adaptable. And with such a design, it becomes easy for you to adapt to the requirements of all the different trade shows you’re planning to participate in. However, a major reason to choose our booths is to have the freedom of reconfiguring the design elements so as to align your booth accordingly. But what attracts exhibitors the most, is that it’s cost-effective and convenient for them to get a booth that cater to their needs for multiple trade shows.


  • You can enjoy enhanced branding options:

    With our 20X40 display rental booths, you can witness how the ample space of your booth can be used meticulously to create an immense branding experience. Our team uses the space to integrate elements like large graphics, multimedia displays, broad and illustrative banners. By putting up these elements, we ensure that your brand’s vision is clear to the attendees, and its message is loud and clear.

Making the decision to get the best 20X40 display rental booth

Now that you’re aware of the ways in which, hiring our services can be beneficial for you, you can make an informed decision and hire our services today. Once you hire services, our expertise will not only give you the best 20X40 display rental booth, but also the assurance of a lasting relationship. So, don’t wait and book our services today!