Modular Renting Vs Buying

Should I Rent or Buy a Booth? A Comprehensive Analysis

So, you too have the same question in your mind “Should I go for a modular rental booth or buy it?”. Well, we can understand that making the decision of whether to buy or rent a modular display is challenging, especially if you are a newcomer in the trade show industry. This is as complicated as finalizing the design of your modular booth.

Exhibiting at a trade show is a wonderful method to improve your brand’s image, and selecting the appropriate display within your budget is the key to establishing an aesthetically pleasing presence on the show floor with increased sales. Obviously, money is important, but there are plenty of other aspects to consider before selecting whether to purchase or rent. If you are wondering whether to buy or rent a modular trade show exhibit, we have evaluated several reasons for both buying and renting a modular display that will undoubtedly help you make a choice.

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Questionnaire Before You Go Further

Before we get to the trade show renting vs. purchase debate you should ask these questions yourself as an exhibitor:

  • Are you exhibiting for the first time or are you a frequent exhibitor?
  • How many trade shows do you intend to visit each year?
  • Is your trade show taking place in another country?
  • How frequently do you take part in trade shows?
  • What are the investing policies of your organization, and how is budgeting handled?
  • Do you want to build the booth yourself or do you want full-service booth construction?
  • Do you want to use the same stand at each trade show?
  • What size booth are you searching for?
  • Does the public have access to the trade fair you are attending? Is it more specialized?
  • Are there any plans in place to move and store your booth?

A thorough examination of these questions is crucial to making an affordable and long-term decision. You should also evaluate the benefits and drawbacks listed below to get the answer of modular renting vs buying a booth. Remember, determining whether to rent or buy a booth involves serious thought, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Rent or Buy: Weighing the Merits and Demerits of Modular Displays


A reasonably priced choice, particularly for size-specific booths.

Usually, businesses go with the rental booth option because it is an affordable option for exhibiting. The larger and more sophisticated your booth, the higher the price. When you want booths under 10’x10’, 20’x20’, and 30’x30’ dimensions, renting is a smart move because buying costs here typically begin to outweigh the renting cost.

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Renting makes it simple to alter the branding on your booth

You have to think about renting if you anticipate that your company will go through branding changes in the near future. A change in logo, color, or campaign strategy can seriously affect the way you choose to present yourself at a trade show. Although you can always add new visuals to your modular booth, renting will make the transition much easier if you wish to alter the layout of your booth to match rebranding efforts. Renting a booth allows you to have a temporary booth until you are ready for your customized permanent solution.

Experimenting with various floor plans is possible

If your organization is presenting at many trade shows with variable floor plan locations, owning a booth can make accommodating shifting sizes difficult. Renting allows you to convert your booth into multiple booth areas. Renting makes it easier to handle shifting modular spaces. When dealing with numerous exhibition sites and finances, renting two distinct booths provides you substantial flexibility. When attending various trade shows throughout the year, you can encounter varied laws and restrictions depending on the show. Renting allows you to adapt your booth to those limitations, such as making it simpler to manage a range of height constraints.

No long-term commitments & liabilities

When you own your booth, you must consider things like upkeep, storage, insurance, and disposal expenses. When you rent a trade show booth, your only responsibility is to return the booth to the exhibit house.

Allows you to be versatile while on a limited budget

Renting allows you to have numerous booths in various locations at the same time instead of paying the full fee for two individual booths. If you had a trade show in San Diego in early April, for example, and then another is in Los Angeles the following week, the turnaround time would be nearly impossible. In this scenario, renting two independent ones is preferable to purchasing one and risking it coming late for a concert.


You Have to say Goodbye to Your Booth

When your trade show is complete, you’ll have to bid farewell to your lovely stand.

You can experience minimal wear & tear

Rental booths are made from repurposed frames and superstructures. These frames will experience some wear and tear over time. Choose an exhibit firm with strict quality control to ensure that your rental booth looks brand new. For instance, we at Expo Stand Services either replace the worn-out and damaged component or do or repair that particular part as well.

Limited Customization

Not owning your display may preclude you from making some adjustments. If you want a truly unique and entirely personalized booth, you will have to purchase one. On a rent-only budget, an exhibit house cannot build a personalized item. This is because most rental properties are created from prefabricated components. Graphic elements of your rental booth can be changed, however unique components such as art hanging signage or other display features cannot.

Pros of Buying: Reasons You Must Buy the Modular Booth Display

You own it and have the freedom to customize it!

Purchasing a modular trade show display allows you to completely customize it each time you present. Every aspect may be simply changed to meet your changing demands.

Cost-effective Solution for established businesses:

If you have an established firm and are not planning to modify your design or graphics, purchasing a modular display will be more cost-effective. An owned display can be used several times without any extra cost.

Brand Recognition

When you purchase a customized trade show booth, you are free to commit to a single design. That is really beneficial in terms of marketing. If you exhibit frequently, having a consistent and well-branded booth can contribute to enhanced brand identification among your guests.

Cons Of Modular Buying

Upkeeping is Costly

Your workplace most likely lacks the room to properly keep a large trade show display. It will need to travel somewhere after your expo, which may eat into your budget more than you anticipated. You have to worry about replacing broken fixtures, dead circuits, or damaged paint issues are your responsibility when you own your display. 

Limited Customization

Your creative team may desire to engage in new marketing trends as your business expands and your industry evolves and fluctuates. Unfortunately, if you own your booth, this might be challenging. It’s difficult to change an already-customized display. Most likely, you’ll sacrifice the revolutionary new marketing method you planned to employ in favour of spending your cash on booth modifications. 

Purchasing and customizing a booth is an investment that is built to last. If you want to change your logo or appearance, owning your booth may not be a good idea. When you wish to display at an expo following a rebrand, it might throw a kink in the works.

Expensive for an exhibitor with a smaller budget

Having a trade show exhibit incurs additional fees. These expenses include monthly storage, insurance, maintenance, refurbishing, and any reprints that may be required in the future. Exhibitor Online states that if your firm does not have a substantial marketing budget for trade shows, purchasing a trade show booth may not be the ideal option due to the hefty upfront fees. 

All in All

Well, it’s all up to your which option is suitable for your company. Both buying and renting have their own set of pros and cons and you have to decide it by yourself. However, if you are still unsure which option is the best one, you can contact our professionals. At Expo Stand Services, our experts will help you to make an informed decision. We will also provide you some of the best 3D mock-ups of our past work, which will help you to choose and finalize the design of your booth. Let us know your requirements today!