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Excel at Modern Exhibits with Modular Trade Show Displays from ESS

Modular trade show displays are regarded as one of the most effective and efficient ways to exhibit your offerings. These modular booths are made up of independent and pre-engineered modular components that make a whole exhibiting structure after you assemble them. Modular exhibits are intended to be flexible and versatile. The design or foundation of these trade show exhibits makes it simple to adjust their size to fit any size of exhibit. If you are also looking for modular displays but at an affordable price, then we can help you. For instance, the recent modular tradeshow booth we designed for our client NFSSP at A+A 2023 (Dusseldorf) made transporting, customizing, and configuring a breeze for them.

Your trade show display concept will become a reality because we provide full customization options for your modular booths. We make it simple to select the ideal solution for your goals and price range by providing booths for sale in addition to rental options. You can quickly modify your booth to fit any space. We make exhibiting extremely simple because our modular trade show exhibits feature easily adjustable layouts and are simple to enlarge or decrease in size. You can add an extra display or increase the area of your exhibit to quickly modify the design to fit your goals and surroundings.

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What Makes Our Modular Booths So Special?

Custom Fit for Every Exhibitor

Similar to traditional trade show exhibits, our modular/portable displays come in a variety of sizes. We can supply you with exhibits that range from tiny 10′ x 10′ displays that are appropriate for startups and small enterprises to enormous 30’ x 30′ and more displays that are perfect for well-known brands. We can help you make the most of modular or portable trade show exhibits since we are experts in modular booth design. At your next trade show, our staff can handle every stage of the process, from design to building, to assist you in drawing attention and producing a profitable return on investment.

Our construction techniques for modular booths are different from other builders in the industry. We also offer a comprehensive warranty on all of our booths which gives clients peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected.

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Perfect For Companies Focused on Results

The lightweight and portable nature of our modular trade show displays is ideal for exhibitors who participate in several tradeshows throughout the year. They are also easy to move, put up, and customize. Since our modular booth design is reconfigurable and easy to manage, you can work on the other aspects of the tradeshows too. You can save time by quickly setting up them and can focus on the result that matters the most. Say you don’t have time for a custom booth which takes time and can take several revisions before you can see it on the show floor. In this case, modular booths are the best way to get results with a minimum investment of time and money. Our convenient shipping makes it simple to pack, package, and store your exhibit in between events, making them easy to travel as well.

Since modular exhibits can be reconfigured which means you can reuse them for a variety of different tradeshows. A modular exhibition booth is also a great way to keep your event budget down. Rather than building different booths for different trade shows, you can quickly alter the arrangement of your modular exhibit to customize for each occasion. It is easy to understand why so many results-driven companies choose to invest in a trade show display when you take into account the ease of usage, extensive customization possibilities, and straightforward storage.

Simple upkeep

The fact that our modular trade show exhibits are usually made for longevity and easy maintenance is one of the key benefits of doing business with us. Usually, the materials in our booths are strong, resilient to deterioration, and lightweight. Furthermore, it is typically easy to buy new parts in case any are damaged or need to be replaced which means you don’t have to completely rebuild the booth.

Completely Adjustable

Our skilled team of designers are master in transforming your envisioned booth into a tangible reality. Whether you want striking graphics or a distinctive custom element in your modular trade show displays, we can do it. Because every one of our modular trade show exhibits is fully customizable, you can add your logo and creative ideas to these exhibits. Our skilled professionals provide a comprehensive array of design services for modular as well as portable displays. That means you can easily customize any aspect of your display. As specialists in modular trade show design, we can manage every step of the process for you, from turning your brief into a unique, 3D-modeled exhibit design to producing your booth before the event. Like all of our exhibits, our modular/portable exhibits are available for you to purchase and as rental exhibits for single events and occasions.

Easy integration of technology

ESS is on the front edge of incorporating technology into modular trade show displays. We have a team of professionals who can assist exhibitors with incorporating technology. Interactive touchscreen displays, video walls, and social media integration are some of the technical components we use in our booths. We advise our partner exhibitors that they use our digital solutions to improve the guest experience, create more leads, and collect vital data to track their trade show ROI.

We design each trade show modular display that is fantastically durable, despite transportation and repeated assembly. The frames are usually built with a hard material, like aluminum or fiberglass, and cloth panels are crafted from heavy-obligation polyester or nylon. These maintain up nicely over the path in their life, regardless of how regularly they’re used which makes them a terrific long-term investment.

Own or Rent Our Modular Displays

You can rent our modular trade show displays for a fraction of the price if you don’t have a long time to spare. Our rental options are particularly attractive to exhibitors with short-term needs or limited budgets. The price of our rental booths is very competitive and we take care of all shipping and setup. By owning a rental booth with us, you can focus on promoting your products and services without worrying about the exhibiting chores. We can help you with the framework as well as any required add-ons and peripherals, such as shelving and screens, saving you the trouble of visiting several suppliers. It’s the best method to save money! Let our professionals help you make the choice if you’re not sure.

Unexpected possibilities to participate in a trade show seem to come out of nowhere for many exhibitors. This is the time when having modular trade show displays is essential. For this reason, if you have access to ESS, you can easily put up a portable booth in a matter of minutes and it can be moved by one person. Next time you want to exhibit in the USA, hire Expo Stand Services LLC for affordable trade show services. Get in touch with us today if the show date is close and reserve your booth today!