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The reason why an exhibitor requires a trade show booth, isn’t because they want to gain the fame that comes with a successful partnership. It’s because they have a greater vision that goes beyond their success in the show. This vision is to grow the business to a level where it only moves forward in terms of success and fame. And to make it possible, there are many options available in the market, out of which, the vivid types of booths are the most intriguing ones. 

Not only do the different types of booths facilitate different goals for different exhibitors, but they also bear different results. But then again, this is the beauty of the types of booths, and very well their primary purpose as well. This is one of the reasons behind the rise of modular display rental services, as they make it possible for exhibitors who want a highly tailored booth, to get the taste of success that they rightly deserve. 

Therefore, with this in mind, we at Expo Stand Services, make it possible that they get the best modular display on rent. We believe that every exhibitor, be it an experienced, or a rookie, is somewhat dependent on a booth designer’s skillset. That’s why, we ensure that our services are unmatched by any of our contemporaries, so that our clients always have the edge they expect to get. 

But the question is, do you need to have our modular booths, or our assistance? Can you trust that we have the reputation of offering the best modular display rental services globally? Well, the answers to these questions lie in the fact that to make a solid decision, you need to know what makes our company so reputable among the exhibitors who’re aware of us. Also, you need to know how our modular booths suffice all your trade show needs.

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Our modular booths: the best option for a rental booth

ESS stands tall as the best option for all the exhibitors is the creativity and passion that drives us to develop visually aesthetic and highly functional booths. Our modular booths are no exception, because they denote our expertise and intention of shaping the success of our clients. 

If you’re planning to rent a booth, our modular displays can be the best choice for all your needs because they’re made up of independent components. These components, when making up the whole structure, prove to be highly flexible because they can be utilized in different ways in different trade shows. The versatility factor of our modular booth makes them a unique fit for each of our clients.

Apart from this, our modular booths come in a variety of sizes right from 10’X10’, that’d satisfy a budding business, till 30’X30’, which’ll be perfect for you if you have an established business. But most interestingly, the modular booths are designed to keep in mind both longevity, and ease of maintenance. 

And if you’re a start-up, your booth being inherently easy to maintain, is a plus point because you don’t have to pay for renting another booth for another show. But the list still goes on, because getting our modular displays is a journey full of benefits for you, and below are the reasons why.

Modular display rental and trade show services

Renting a modular booth from us, comes with the benefit of enjoying a variety of services that enhances your renting experience greatly. We fathom that the entire process of renting a booth is a time consuming endeavor. And for those who don’t even know how to make the choice of renting a modular booth, the exhibitors who are starting out fresh, it becomes next to impossible. 

This is where we initiate the booth consultation sessions with our clients. This session focuses on understanding our clients’ aims and objectives, and the results they hope to achieve by the end of the show they plan to participate in. 

Our clients, especially the ones who are new in the trade show scene, benefit from the booth consultation sessions because they not only get the complete idea about renting a modular booth, but they also understand how beneficial renting our modular booth is. 

We make them aware of all the choices they can make, and the customizations they can have. We also tell them all about the subsequent modular display rental services that we offer. This helps them to make an informed decision while renting the modular display. 

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Inspection of the rented booth

Once you’ve rented the modular booth that suits you, we start the inspection process, so as to ensure that the condition of your booth before and after shipping it to the venue, is intact. We value each aspect of our client’s business, and the budget spent on a booth is an important one. 

Therefore, it’s because of our team of skilled professionals, and a proven track record of impeccable inspections that our clients trust us with their booths. And with this, they are able to focus on the things that need their attention more. 

One-day shipping service

An important aspect that can lure you into choosing our rental modular booths, is that you can enjoy the benefit of it getting shipped to your desired location the very next day. And apart from saving a lot of time, our snappy shipping service is also a reliable resource for you which helps you save the money that you’d have to spend on shipping services. 

Our experience in all the rental and other trade show services is what speaks for us. Having a portfolio of successful shipping, inspection, storage, and quality assistance is what makes us a one-stop solution. That said, you can and should refer to our portfolio before deciding whether you’ll opt for our shipping services or not.

Warehouse facility

To make sure that your rental modular booth is safe, we also offer you storage facilities. We have a warehouse that serves as the best place for maintaining the quality of your rental booth till the time comes for you to participate in a show. Our company understands how difficult it can be for small businesses to keep on investing in quality storage units in between trade shows. 

That’s why, considering this issue, we offer our clients the finest warehouse facility, so that they can store their booth without any hindrance and save themselves from spending on any outside unit.

Quality assistance

What adds to our credibility as the finest option for opting modular exhibit rental services, is the quality assistance you receive from our end. Once your rental booth is there on the floor, we make sure that you get all the assistance in all the aspects whatsoever. Our team of experts carefully listen to all your queries, and are available to you round the clock. 

This means, not only within the trade show, but if you have any query regarding anything related to your rental modular booth, you can ask us. Be it any customization, component, or the size, we’re here to assist you in every way possible. 

Astounding trade show services

Although you can benefit from all the booth rental services that we offer, there are other services that we offer our clients. Irrespective of the fact that you rent a booth or buy one from the many options we offer, there are certain services that have also helped us in retaining our clients. 

Installation and dismantling

As soon as you’ve rented the booth from us, one of the main concerns is about setting it up, as the job is fairly expert-oriented, and a dedicated team is always required to carry it out. Therefore, to make this happen, we offer each of our clients the best installation service. This helps them in the long run, they don’t have to pay attention to the process, and they can use the time to focus on their participation strategy. 

We offer booth dismantling services as well, because we know that as soon as the show ends, it’s important for you to indulge in post-show analysis. Our team of experts take care of the entire process of dismantling and handling the booth with utmost care, but apart from that, we take complete responsibility as well. Us taking the accountability for both installing and dismantling, unburdens our client and their focus and performance improves immensely.

Project management

If you choose us as the platform for renting a modular booth, you will get to enjoy the project management services that we offer. With this, we tend to aid with all the paperwork that you have to submit before the trade show. We diligently fill out the paperwork and submit it to the assigned authorities in due time, so that you don’t have to delve into the details. 

Our dedicated project managers have the experience in carrying out this service, and we do so without any shortcoming whatsoever. We also take care of the post-show formalities, so that your participation experience is as smooth as you expect it to be.

Tailored booth designing

This should be considered as the topmost reason that makes our modular booths the best one out there. We design your rental booth according to your needs. We understand the value of standing out in a crowd, and even with our rental modular booth, we tend to achieve that. 

Our team of experts not only help you choose from the fresh designs that we’ve created, but they also provide you the freedom of getting exactly the booth that you want. Our booth designing process starts from understanding the details, making all the customizations, getting them approved, and presenting the booth to the client. Therefore, if you choose us, the chances of you getting exactly what you want increases.  

Graphic production

One thing that we understand about presenting your brand, is that customizations help an exhibitor in doing the task in the best way possible. With this motto in their heart, our skilled graphic production team takes the stage to integrate all the elements that can help the exhibitor in creating an unreal brand presence in the trade show. We integrate elements like astounding 3D graphics, banners, signage, and every other element that creates a cohesive environment on your modular booth. 

Trade show audio visual

At ESS, we always take care of the fact that our clients’ chances of acing the show they’re taking part in, is at all-time high. And to ensure that, we offer audio visual services within the 3D signage that we instill on their modular stands.

Now that you’re aware of our services, the next time you’re in need of top-tier modular exhibit rental services, choose ESS and witness excellence