Increase Your Leads and Sales with a 20x50 Trade Show Booth Rental

We have a collection of 20×50 trade show booths and exhibit displays to help you achieve your goals. It doesn’t matter what your main reason is when you exhibit at your upcoming tradeshow, we provide booths for all purposes.

You are an exhibitor, so you must know how beneficial it is to attend a trade show. But more than that, having an attention-grabbing and spacious booth is paramount. The reason is that a trade show booth is the very first thing that grabs the attention of visitors. A booth not only represents your brand but also helps you to stand out. In this context, a 20×50 trade show booth design can meet all your requirements. This booth is spacious and provides you ample space to present your offerings in a systematic & appealing way.

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Aside from the probability, if you are on this page, you seek the best in-budget 20×50 trade show booths and displays. Well, you have landed on the right page because Expo Stand Services is among the top trade show booth designers and builders in the USA. We are also a leading trade show booth contractor because we have been in the industry for years. Regarding the budget-friendly display, we have a 20×50 trade show booth rental designThe cost of our 20×50 rental booths is significantly less than that of a conventional production. As we have already mentioned, this specific-sized booth is an ideal choice for the exhibitor looking for a spacious display option. And when it is available for rent, you save tonnes of money. You can use this saved money later for the other essential marketing strategies.

Expo Stand Services is Your Destination for Specific Sized Booths

One of our main objectives when designing and constructing your 20×50 trade booth rentals is to draw attention to your brand. To turn it into a masterpiece crowd magnet, we use striking colors, dramatic lighting, exquisite flooring, and modern furniture, all of which are in line with the objectives and core values of your business. By integrating your brand’s personality into your trade show booth rental design, we guarantee you stand out from the competition without seeming like a sheep following its herd.

Get Your Booth Customized with Us

Our 20×50 trade show display rentals are massive structures that create an immersive brand experience. If you want a tailored booth, we can provide that! It will meet the unique requirements of your target market and effectively convey your message about your company’s identity and offerings. The booth with 20×50 dimensions that we design and develop always comes with an open border that makes it easier for people to come in and go out and ease the foot flow. Expo Stand Services has a team of talented & creative designers and architects that is always ready to turn your envisioned booth into a tangible reality. And, of course, your goals for exhibiting are our priority. That’s why we designed your display following your requirements.

Reasons to Hire Us!

If you want to generate more leads or connect with current customers socially, we have you covered. By using our displays at your next exhibit, you can grow your clientele and introduce your product or service in the market.

It’s also okay if you are still determining what you want to accomplish in the first place! Our skilled professionals, having years of industry experience, will help you define your goals in a quantifiable and understandable way. Here are just a few ways in which we can help you:

  • We have pre-engineered components of specific sizes, so it will help you to save valuable time.
  • With our in-house manufacturing, we can reduce your expenditures and save you money on designing & building your booths from external sources.
  • You will have a bespoke trade show booth tailored to your objectives and theme.
  • We will deliver your display before the due date with our own logistics chain.
  • After delivering, we will install and dismantle it after the show.

And if we talk about the satisfaction level of our clients with our services, then, in the recent exposition InfoComm 2023 in Orlando, we have designed and built a booth for CODA. Here is what they said:

“Expo Stand provided us at the last minute with a 20×20 booth for the InfoComm 2023 in Orlando. Everything from a great design with a banner and frame displaying our new products to the service on-site was superb, and we will continue working with them for future trade shows. Thanks a lot for your great job!”

So now, you have got what we can do for you, and the next time you exhibit, you can rely on us without a second thought.