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5 Upcoming and Popular trade shows in the USA

Upcoming and Popular trade shows in the USA

There are ample trade shows in the USA each year. Attending industry events can be great for your business, but deciding which trade shows aren’t always easy. The market industry in the US is booming day by day. Even within the same industry, major trade shows differ based on their audiences’ specific markets and demographics. The trade shows in the USA are a great way to increase brand awareness and take your business to a whole new level. This blog includes the top trade shows in the USA. Trade shows are beneficial as they provide a platform for industry professionals to interact with existing and new customers.

Why attending a trade show in the USA is beneficial?

The purpose of the trade shows in the USA is to bring together members of one or more industries to present, demonstrate and discuss their latest products and services. With the various options available, it is easy for companies to determine their market value. Large trade shows occur over several days in convention centers in large cities. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you must be aware of the important trade shows in the USA. Local trade shows allow local businesses to connect with potential customers and can be held at a nearby hotel or arena.

The shows are free to attendees and feature educational sessions, networking opportunities, and more.

List of Upcoming Trade shows in the USA


AUSA 2023 Annual Meeting & Exposition

Date: October 9th to 11th, 2023

Location: Washington, DC

At AUSA 2023 Annual Meeting & Exposition, the Army leaders collectively discuss the challenges the Army faces as it develops its troops and equipment to accomplish current and future missions. AUSA fulfills this mission during the trade show by providing informative and relevant State of the Military presentations, panel discussions, seminars on relevant military and national security issues, and various quality networking events for all attendees. The AUSA 2023 Annual Meeting & Exposition is among the largest trade shows in the USA based on energy expo and professional development forum. Visit BAE Systems for this three-day industry and military symposium.


SEMA SHOW 2023 Las Vegas

Date: October 31st to NOVEMBER 3rd, 2023


The SEMA SHOW 2023 Las Vegas is divided into 12 sections. It is one of the largest trade shows in the USA for specialized automotive equipment. The most important automobile manufacturers are represented here and present the industry’s latest trends, shapes, and colors. It will offer manufacturers of specialty automotive equipment the opportunity to showcase their innovative products to fellow automakers. Participants also enjoy valuable benefits during the annual event. SEMA SHOW 2023 Las Vegas is America’s trend center for custom equipment. Expo features an exciting side program featuring celebrity appearances, the SEMA Launch Pad, and the unmissable Sema Industry Awards banquet. The SEMA SHOW 2023 Las Vegas will also include:

  • Seminars focus on business strategies,
  • techniques and new vehicle technologies,
  • online marketing,
  • product training,
  • customer service, and after-sales service.


Date: October 17th to 19th, 2023

Location: Las Vegas

IMEX AMERICA Las Vegas is the place for the promotional marketing and experiential industries. The IMEX AMERICA Las Vegas includes:

  • hands-on workshops,
  • live entertainment, and
  • special areas (Inspiration Hub, People & Planet Village, and Be Well Lounge)

Experts from meetings and events, students, and press members will be present at IMEX AMERICA Las Vegas to discuss different disciplines. IMEX AMERICA Las Vegas will attract meeting planners, associate directors, incentive travel buyers, and events professionals.

4AAPEX 2023 Las Vegas

Date: OCTOBER 31st to NOVEMBER 2nd, 2023


The AAPEX 2023 Las Vegas is the leading international trade shows in the USA for automotive components worldwide. At AAPEX 2023 Las Vegas, you can meet all your current and new supplier partners in person, explore the global innovation market, and receive hands-on training from elite technicians and trainers in one visit.  AAPEX Las Vegas showcases automotive products such as mufflers, lighting systems, friction and braking systems, cooling systems, engine and transmission parts, hand tools, powertrain systems, and more.

  • The AAPEX 2023 Las Vegas will follow a fantastic 2017 with record attendance and many new features and innovations.
  • The exhibitors attending AAPEX 2023 Las Vegas come from all walks of life, automotive service and repair professionals, independent warehouse dealers, service chains, car dealers, fleet buyers, and engine builders.
  • Independent repair shops, program groups, national service networks, and stock dealers presented new automated solutions.
  • At the show, visitors will find broad range of products and services covering all major areas of the automotive aftermarket, including maintenance and repair, hands-on training, and equipment demonstrations exclusive to Joe’s Garage.
  • The AAPEX 2023 Las Vegas provides market-first product awareness and training on the latest technologies. The event focuses on networking and connecting with new industry partners to create a lucrative, large-scale marketplace.
  • Visitors to Joe’s Garage Repair Shop will experience bespoke exhibits tailored to the needs of the front desk staff. Joe’s Garage is also a place for hands-on training and testing of products and tools to be showcased at AAPEX 2023 Las Vegas.

The AAPEX 2023 Las Vegas is expanding this year to include more opportunities to meet and host exhibitors and customers to drive business worldwide—a good platform for the US car market to meet and make new business contacts. Seminars and product demonstrations will also be offered to visitors during the exhibition.

5RSNA 2023 Chicago

Date: November 26th to 30th,2023

Location: McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois

The RSNA 2023 Chicago is one of the popular trade shows in the USA that will showcase outstanding research and expertise for all radiologists and medical imaging developers—the Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America RSNA Chicago. It can also be called a technical exhibition, which is a great way to learn about the latest developments in the medical industry. Extensive presentations, entertainment, and state-of-the-art product demonstrations will ensure RSNA 2023 Chicago continues to stand out as a leader in the radiology community.

  • Once again, prominent radiologists, professors, and speakers will present the latest research results and ideas on the most pressing questions in radiology.
  • Exhibitors have ample opportunity to experience the latest software and hardware innovations at this annual gathering.
  • RSNA never fails to impress with the breadth and depth of its support program. Professional radiologists find unprecedented career and development opportunities in ECM courses and workshops.

Each issue of RSNA provides a unique knowledge hub and network of more than 2,500 research papers and 1,500 articles on hot topics in radiology.

To Sum Up:

At trade shows in the USA companies can reach a large audience in one place, they can schedule meetings, negotiate purchases and other business opportunities, and collaborate on other projects. To ensure a successful and highly rewarding experience, take the time to plan.

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