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8 Advantages of portable trade show booths

Advantages of portable trade show booths

Trade shows are part of many companies and industries. Your business’ ROI at trade shows depends on your ability to drive traffic to your booth. Whether big, small, or niche trade shows, it is a great way to promote your products and services to your target audience and to meet and share knowledge with your competitors. One of the best ways to grab the attention of trade show attendees is to invest in a colorful pop-up or hop-up portable trade show booth for your space.

Some of the major benefits of having a portable trade show booth

A trade show is a place to showcase the company’s latest work, improvements, and general advances. In addition to being portable and easy to set up, a portable trade show booth is easy to maintain and versatile. The services offered to exceed all expectations, but mobility does not mean that you have to compromise on quality. Below are the benefits of using portable trade show booths at trade shows.


The screens are very flexible and even interchangeable. When it’s time to add new graphics to your booth due to outdated marketing materials or seasonal promotions, call ESS. We are a portable trade show booth company handling all your graphic needs. A new design we print in-house can be instantly applied to the same frame with no extra steps; it’s that simple!

You look impressive

Affordability doesn’t mean portable trade show booth displays have to compromise on quality. Make a lasting impression on your customers with portable displays. They are visually appealing, and many have great graphic backgrounds.

Their portability makes them easy to transport

One of the main benefits of portable trade show booths is that they can be folded into a compact, lightweight package and easily handled by one person. Budget-conscious companies can save costs by transporting their materials to the exhibition. With shipping and transportation costs accounting for almost 10% of the average trade show budget, the ability to eliminate shipping and storage costs is significant. Here are some specific benefits of the portable trade show booth:

  • Many pop-up and hop-up displays are compact enough to be carried on an airplane.
  • Fits easily in most cars and trucks for easy transportation to local markets.
  • Pop-up and hop-up screens can be shipped using UPS, Fed Ex, or other shippers.

They are reasonable 

Portable trade show booth displays are cheaper than custom exhibits. It proves that they are indeed profitable.

Save time

The time savings are realized practically within the first minute of purchasing a portable trade show booth. Because it’s a turnkey solution, the only delay in preparing the screen is creating graphics and signage and selecting additional accessories such as banner stands, tablecloths, tables, document holders, reception desks, lighting, and more.

Additionally, the ease of installing a portable display can help reduce I&D costs. And because signage can grow quickly, you can focus on other important things to prepare you and your employees for the big days ahead.

Colorful and customizable

The pop-up and hop-up screens offer versatility you won’t find on other screens. In particular, the possibility of printing a personalized company graphic and the color logo on the exhibitor’s fabric allows for easy customization of the booth. In addition, it is possible to order many fabric covers, each with a different company graphic or a series of product photos. It allows you to customize your trade show marketing approach to appeal to the different types of customers you serve.

Ideal for small booths 

If you know fewer teams will be at the booth, a large booth might feel odd, so opt for a smaller one. If the space is large, it will also be difficult for staff to serve all guests. Wearable displays can help solve these problems. Their compact size is perfect for small boxes.


In some situations, you may want to use a portable trade show booth of a traditional trade show. Fortunately, portable displays are lightweight, allowing them to be carried in the back of a vehicle. Also, set up and take down is simple and easy for one or two members to carry out.

A portable trade show booth is also generally much lighter than custom displays. It offers many benefits for businesses looking to optimize exhibit space professionally and cost-effectively. They also offer the flexibility to quickly and easily adjust the display from one program to another. Their installation saves a lot of time, so you can focus on other important tasks that need to be done before the show starts.

At Expo Stand Services, we specialize in custom exhibitions and are a leading supplier of portable trade show booths for almost every industry. We are a portable trade show booth company that creates a custom pop-up or hop-up display for your business by printing your graphic design and full-color logo onto the display fabric. We understand the versatility and power of wearable displays, so we offer high-quality, affordable, and highly flexible options for wearable displays.

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