AAPS Orlando 2023 - American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists

The main goal of AAPS Orlando, USA, 2023 is to highlight the main strength of the AAPS community. Cross-discipline learning experiences on current “hot topics” increase the potential for greater collaboration between small molecule and biologics-focused scientists, give conference attendees a valuable and engaging learning experience, and focus on new research and business objectives. The annual Meeting of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists is scheduled from 22nd to 26th October 2023 in Orlando, Florida.

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Facts about the American Association Of pharmaceutical scientists Show

  • The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), established in 1986, is the world’s top scientific association, with around 7,000 members and 10,000 or more actively involved stakeholders from academia, government, and other science-related agencies.
  • Various goods and services, including apparel, automated extraction, bioanalytical chemistry, bioinformatics, biological sample analytics, biotechnical services, bulk chemical synthesis, and more, will be displayed by the exhibitors present at the American Association Of pharmaceutical scientists show.
  • Under U.S. law, AAPS is incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation. AAPS Orlando, FL, was founded to advance the development of scientific goods and therapies that contribute to improving world health.
  • You can use the relationship-building opportunity offered by AAPS Orlando, USA, 2023, to help you identify the appropriate audience and establish a meaningful presence at the expo.
  • The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists seeks to develop new methods of prevention and treatment for the global healthcare system. Aside from that, AAPS 2023 in Orlando provides a venue for learning and exhibiting creativity, inclusivity, and integrity.
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Why should you exhibit at AAPS 2023 in Orlando?

It gives you a chance to represent your business as a leader while taking part in innovative educational and scientific programmes. In a survey:

  • 20% of attendees said they connected with the right exhibiting partners at the show;
  • 26% of attendees said they learned about new tools and technology that will aid them in their industry project;
  • 65% of attendees said they wanted to become more familiar with new emerging ideas, major trends, and scientific research; and
  • 75% or more attendees said their main objective was to gain industry knowledge to help them in their projects.

All these indicate your opportunity while exhibit your brand at AAPS Orlando, USA, 2023.

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