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ESS’s 10×20 trade show booth options for your upcoming Exhibit

ESS’s 10x20 trade show booth options for your upcoming Exhibit

The show is an opportunity for brands and companies, but it’s often just as easy to get lost in this ocean among hundreds of other exhibits. Create a custom, state-of-the-art solution to meet your unique display needs with a collection of 10×20 trade show booths. The displays are the deciding factor between trade show success and failure, which has since led to numerous systems and best practices being developed to create the perfect atmosphere to attract and retain attention.

The pop-up, panel, and modular displays are customizable and easily reconfigurable for your next trade show. At ESS, we’ve worked hard to help businesses create a consistent, professional display with our portable displays anytime, anywhere. These large booths, perfect for visual branding, convey your message more effectively with more real estate and a choice of layouts and graphics.


As the name suggests, the popup 10×20 trade show booth display installs quickly and is great for displaying high-quality graphics that grab attention and engage your attendees. These responsive graphic panels can work with any color, graphic, or display style, allowing brands to be creative and maximize this valuable property.

Stretch fabric

Another lightweight and portable solution from ESS, our upholstered fabric is perfect for everything from popup banners to hanging banners. Easy to set up, wrinkle-resistant, and washable, this material helps exhibitors reduce the time, effort, transportation, and personnel required to prepare their 10×20 trade show booth design for the trade show.

Product display booth 10×20 units

An eye-catching custom product display can be a meaningful addition to your booth. Color, unique materials, and branding transform your display into a work of art that engages attendees and leaves a lasting impression that booths out from the competition. Space planning is important for a 10×20 trade show booth display. Designing an interactive display that attendees can see and go inside will require different structural and spatial requirements. We help you determine what will have the greatest impact and give your attendees the best chance to get your message heard.

Truss display

Our stunning 10×20 trade show booth backlit truss display is easy to set up and provides an engaging visual experience to capture your attendees’ attention. They are still essential for brands looking to make a big impact, especially at industrial or large trade fairs. Our aluminum truss displays can be installed and removed many times over the years and have extensive customization options. With proper planning and use, truss displays are versatile assets that can work together with your print and digital media assets to make a distinctive impression at your trade show.

Range of 10×20 trade show booth design options

We offer plenty of modular 10×20 trade show booth designs option. Our 10×20 trade show booth display has different styles and options for different uses. With options for cubicles and storage, shelving displays, slat walls, and more. The portable 10×20 trade show booth meets all your needs and stays within your budget.

Components of 10×20 trade show booth display

We offer various 10×20 trade show booth options, customizations, and configurations to help businesses find the best solution.

Exhibiting at trade shows is neither cheap nor easy, so we want to make sure we get results! Lighting can be extremely effective for setting the mood and getting great exposure. Adding light boxes or displays for trade shows, sconces, and industrial or recycling lights can go a long way in setting the tone or enhancing your brand message and aesthetic.

Unexpected or unique materials can also enhance your space. Reclaimed wood pallets can be used to create countertops or storage shelving, and furniture can be chosen based on an aesthetic that ranges from rustic to modern to industrial contemporary. We can provide customized 10×20 trade show booth designs to fit your brand, business, and vision, from graphics to décor and everything in between.

To Conclude

With a bespoke 10×20 trade show booth design from an innovative and experienced trade show booth builder in the US like us, you are most likely to engage your show attendees, communicate your message, and achieve your goals.

The 10×20 trade show booth is elegant, perfectly finished, and fully customizable. The line is modular and available in various sizes and features to suit any application.

If you feel that a 10×20 trade show booth space isn’t enough to convey your brand, or if your competitors opt for the bigger ones, a 20×20 display could be the best solution. A 20×20 build will take the same amount of time and effort but will likely give you more opportunities to interact with show attendees.

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