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HIMSS Global Health Conference & Trade Show In Las Vegas

Achieve success at HIMSS Annual Conference with an intriguing Booth

Trade shows are a great way to introduce your company to the right people in the industry and make valuable connections with other thought leaders and professionals. In 2025, HIMSS Global Health Conference & Trade show will be held March 3 to 6 2025  at the Las Vegas, Nevada HIMSS Annual Conference is the premier national conference for health information and technology. It takes place at a different location every year.

Things you should inform about HIMSS Annual Conference

  • The Health Information and Technology Conference bring together nearly 45,000 professionals from more than 90 countries to collaborate and innovate. With speakers, training courses, and events at the trade shows, the participants are kept on their toes during the five days of the expo.
  • With face-to-face and digital options, attendees can now personalize their experience. HIMSS is a massive global health conference that attracts thousands of attendees and over 1,000 exhibitors annually. It comprises over 80,000 people, 630 corporate members, and more than 450 nonprofit organizations. HIMSS is committed to using digital health to improve the health of people and populations around the world.

Learn more about HIMSS25 and how it can help your business succeed

HIMSS25 Global Health expo is the must-attend trade show of the year for health information and technology, bringing together professionals from across the global health ecosystem.

Connect for education, innovation and collaboration required reinventing health and wellness for everyone, everywhere.

The HIMSS25 Global Health expo is a perfect place for health IT and technology professionals. Thousands of healthcare professionals – executives, salespeople, pursers, IT consultants, and entrepreneurs – attend this annual conference and expo to pursue their career goals through education, innovation, and seamless collaboration.

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Desirability of the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Trade show

  • Top educational programs delivered by respected industry leaders and recognized speakers will highlight the industry’s biggest innovations and challenges at the conference.
  • Participants build relationships, learn from experts in training sessions, and discover innovative medical device products to solve their toughest challenges. HIMSS 25 is hosted by HIMSS, a global advisor and thought leader supporting health transformation through information and technology.
  • Healthcare and technology professionals, CEOs, CIOs, government officials, vendors, payers, IT consultants, innovators, and entrepreneurs gather for the annual HIMSS trade show. A nonprofit organization provides community building, public policy, thought leadership, workforce development, and industry events that move the industry forward. The nonprofit organization has served the global health community for over 60 years.

Are you thinking about participating in HIMSS25 Global Health expo?

If yes, then you should know that in planning and implementing a trade show strategy, ROI is very important. Designing and building high-quality and exclusive trade show booths require skills and resources, so you should rely only on the best booth builder.

How to ensure that the exhibit will be successful?

There are a few things to consider when looking for competent and reliable booth builders. To be successful, you need to reach the right audience and convert that connection into leads, sales, or increased awareness of your brand or product. The booth builder you choose should be highly experienced and familiar with the trade show booths of the region where you are exhibiting. Whatever your goals, your trade show booth should be designed and built to capture the attention of your target audience.

You should have several unique booth designs to give you a wide variety. A bespoke trade show booth designed and built by an experienced and professional trade show booth builder like Expo Stand Services is the best way to ensure the success of your exhibit.

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It would be best if you came to us for a trade Show in Las Vegas  because we are the ones that offer a complete package of services from design to installation at a reasonable price. You can rest assured that your show management is in good hands when you invest in us.

When you work with a professional booth construction company like us, we take care of everything from transport to assembly and dismantling so you can focus on the results and grow your brand. We make your trade show experience stress-free. Be the first step; our creative director will consult with you to discuss program goals and options before submitting a project proposal. The program requires a perfect combination of ideas and strategies to create a world-class presence.

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Our customer service, creative and strategy teams work together to create custom booth displays that are as unique as your brand. Designers create a scaled representation of the proposed booth, often in the form of a 3D rendering, which is shown for approval. We also arrange multi-city tours so you can focus on maximizing your time at the show. Booth builders like us help you bring your idea to life.

Once the design is approved and all questions and concerns have been resolved, our team begins the manufacturing process. Our eye-catching and attractive booth and package can help you achieve your goals, increase your return on investment and reposition your brand.

Lastly, all our careful pre-build planning ensures everyone is on the same page before construction begins. We have great packs that will take you from brainstorming straight to the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition visitors’ eyes.

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