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Get the crowd at Hospitalar 2025 and be known in the industry

Hospitalar is an international trade fair for hospital equipment and materials. The event attracts more than 1,250 professional exhibitors and showcases a wide range of hospital supplies and related items. Hospitalar 2025 will occur over four days, from May 20 to May 23, in Sao Paulo. It’s positioned as a source for creating business opportunities and improving the technological development of the segment.

The spectrum of Hospitalar Sao Paulo 2025

From medical instruments and hospital equipment to medicines, surgical equipment and laundry supplies, the Hospitalar Sao Paulo 2025 will offer a comprehensive range of products and services. Due to its credibility and added value, the event is an important meeting point for the entire domestic and foreign market, as well as an essential platform for presenting technological innovations, processes and ideas.

Products that can be presented at Hospitalar 2025 Sao Paulo

  • Laboratory instruments, 
  • Hospital furniture components, 
  • Orthopaedic instruments, 
  • Pharmaceutical products, 
  • Rehabilitation equipment, 
  • Transportation and logistics systems, 
  • Emergency equipment, 
  • Building and construction tools, 
  • Kitchen items, 
  • Home health care products, 
  • IT solutions, 
  • Bedding, 
  • Medical wearables, 
  • Trauma products, 
  • Post-operative outcomes and many others 

Hospitalar 2025 expo: A chance to explore monitoring devices, care services and industry information publications

The Hospitalar 2025 expo will cover the entire medical sector and promote good business in its production chain. Each year, the show attracts crowds of professionals, including doctors, nurses, clinical directors and health experts. The future of the industry is here! Through numerous conferences, workshops and networking events, Hospitalar not only serves as a product trade fair but also as an essential place for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the healthcare sector. At Hospitalar, you will find a space dedicated to companies and start-ups in the medical technology sector, as well as rooms for free conferences, demonstrations and knowledge transfer. The fair also hosts numerous special events, congresses and award ceremonies, offering visitors and participants further opportunities to find out about the latest developments in healthcare and to exchange ideas.

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Highlights of the Hospitalar 2025

The International Digital Forum, the most important forum for health technologies, will also take place here at Hospitalar 2025.

  • Exhibitors will showcase their ground-breaking products and solutions to industry professionals and build lasting relationships. These include the CISS – the International Congress on Health Services, which focuses on improving health services and promoting collaboration in the sector
  • The Hospitalar Forum, a series of discussion cycles and conferences led by recognized experts in the health sector, and the Rehacare & Orthopedic Forum, the International
  • Rehabilitation Trade show, a trade fair for rehabilitation, Orthopedics and assistive technologies for people with disabilities.
  • In 2025, Hospitalar will strengthen its leading position in the sector. The number continues to be a unified reference for all healthcare professionals, an opportunity to network, do good business, learn and open up new opportunities.
  • In the “Facilities, Infrastructure and Architecture” section, you will find solutions and products for catering, vending machines, kitchens, laundry, energy, air conditioning, hospitality, infrastructure and architecture, furniture, accessories, tools and services.
  • Industry awards will be presented during the awards ceremony. There will also Facilities Innovation, a space where demonstrations and presentations of the segment’s resources take place.
    The special events and awards provide a platform for Hospitalar attendees to discover new ideas and technologies, interact with industry experts, and gain essential contacts for future business relationships.

Overall, Hospitalar represents an essential platform for business and partnership in the global healthcare market. Are you looking for a modern and innovative approach to your trade fair display? Choose us for innovative design and unparalleled service. We don’t rely on outdated formulas. Instead, we build custom exhibits to meet your specific needs, whether for rental or purchase.

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What makes Expo Stand Services a better choice than other builders for Hospitalar?

A trade show booth design is lucrative and expensive, so choosing the right booth designer for your trade show exhibit can be especially difficult if you’re not an experienced exhibitor. This makes us an ideal choice for new exhibitors. Since our establishment, our goal has been to provide turnkey stand solutions with services that give our customers a hassle-free trade show experience. For this purpose, we will design and build a booth at our production facilities for your brand presence at Hospitalar Sao Paulo 2025. Additionally, we will utilize the latest dye sublimation technology to create large-format, close-fitting still graphics.

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Our versatile booth options maximize space while ensuring good visibility to your visitors. From manual floorplan planning to stand design, logistics, graphic production, assembly and disassembly, we do everything. Additionally, a dedicated project manager will work with your sponsor to ensure everything runs smoothly. We also have an extensive network throughout Europe. Our offices, warehouses and experience centres are located across the globe. This gives our customers easy access to all vital trade show centres. We are also offering offer multi-level booth packages to suit your needs. So, focus on getting the most out of your time at the Hospitalar 2025 without worrying about anything.
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