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How to have the crowd at your trade show booth in your next exhibit?

How to have the crowd at your trade show booth in your next exhibit?

One of the biggest concerns for many companies looking to attend a trade show is the lack of attention on the display floor. Trade shows may feel like just one thing it has to do in an already busy month. And companies with that kind of mentality are usually the first to be forgotten on the show. It is a natural concern because most trade show booth space is crammed with hundreds of competitors. It’s not that they don’t have my sympathies. Trying to differentiate yourself from so many other trades show booths can be frustrating. With a busy sea of ​​activity and more booths than anyone else, how can you make your trade show booth design stand out from the crowd and attract visitors? If you’re ready, here are some tips for attracting potential customers.

Give something unusual

Free corporate pens and mugs are unoriginal and can annoy passers-by more than they entice. Showcase your company’s brand—corporate headphones, balloons, laptop cases, socks, sunglasses, and even a Rubik’s Cube. The possibilities are endless, and the chances to stand out are huge!

Design an attention-grabbing trade show booth

Your trade show booth display is your first point of contact with potential customers. Use bold colors, creative graphics, and catchy slogans to make your trade show booth stand out.


A video is like another booth team constantly blaming your prospect. If all the teams at the trade show booth display are busy working with current leads, potential leads can watch the video first while they wait. Some prospects prefer to watch your video first to learn more about what your business can do for them. Videos don’t necessarily have to be used for just one trade show. One of the best things about videos is that you can use them on your website, Facebook, YouTube, and future marketing campaigns. But don’t make a 10-minute video. No one wants to stand and watch a 10-minute video. Your prospects will leave if your video doesn’t get the point across within the first 30 seconds.

Suggest an action

Just make sure the company fits your brand. Like give people something funny to say, and people will start talking about you.

Weave a clear theme into all your messages

One of the ways to create a consistent presence is to weave a consistent message across all posts.

Ask yourself:

  • What problem does your product solve?
  • What makes your product unique?

Next, ensure that all key graphics and visuals convey this message.

Be Outgoing and Friendly

A warm and friendly approach to trade show booth displays can go a long way in attracting and retaining potential clients. Ensure your employees are friendly and helpful, and be prepared to converse with attendees.

Nothing attracts visitors like food

Before using the free-eating strategy, choose those that can be eaten in a bite or two and don’t require utensils or plates. As catering at the trade show, manual snacks are the best choice. Make sure that food is allowed on the show. This strategy also gives you and your sales team time to build relationships with visitors.

Use social media

Use social media to promote your presence at the show and generate buzz around your trade show booth. Share updates, photos, and videos of your booth and team interactions with attendees. Encourage attendees to share their experiences from your trade show booth display on social media.

The Outstroke:

We have seen all types of trade show booths over the years. Some are more appealing and attractive than others. Checking the above tips will help you on your way to success. We hope you are walking through. Be aware of the trade shows you attend and the industry you belong to there are some categories where certain strategies work better than others. The real trick is to look at the strategies and suggestions above and think about which best fits your organization’s ethos. You can also connect with us; we’ll develop a trade show booth design that works like a traffic magnet in no time!

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