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All you want for Light fair International is here at Expo Stand Services

The future of the lighting industry is shaped by the premium trade show Light Fair International. Recognized as a major business market, we provide exhibitor meetings, networking, architectural and commercial lighting training to help brighten our core business.

LFI 2025 in Las Vegas International is the world’s largest trade fair for architectural and commercial lighting. This annual event combines exhibitions and training courses with a variety of lighting and technology products. The products on display range from high-end designs to the latest technological advances. With more than 25 events, Light Fair International is the most popular destination to witness the latest solutions in the lighting industry.

Did you know that Lightfair International is a conference that has been held for over 30 years and offers the lighting industry various opportunities to learn, network, and acquire CEU?

Interestingly, the Light Fair International trade show has over 28,000 registered visitors, including lighting, architecture, design, and engineering professionals from around the world.

How can you profit from the international trade show?

Get ready to showcase your brand at the best architecture and trade shows in technology and design. You have the opportunity to build professional relationships with industry leaders, renowned brands, cutting-edge innovations, and innovators who introduce you to investors. So be prepared to demonstrate your lighting products and technologies on a global scale.

If you are from the lighting industry, you can use LFI Conference as follows:

  • As the world’s largest and most comprehensive event, LightFair offers world-leading lighting technology with a certification course of over 5 days. 2-day PreConference course (before the fair) and 3-day conference course (during the event).
  • Networking and Special Events: This is a platform for lighting professionals to support, celebrate and celebrate the best in the industry. To find the ideal opportunity and join like-minded professionals around the world.

What does the Light Fair offer to exhibitors and visitors?

LightFair is a multi-faceted trade show organized and supported by the International Market Center (IMC), the International Lighting Designers Association (IALD), and the Lighting Engineering Association (IES). Expect upgraded amenities and programs, as well as redefined trade show layouts and meetings.

Here's what Lightfair International offers to exhibitors and visitors:

With over 26,000 expected visitors, these visitor profiles are serious buyer profiles. They are experts in the fields of design, lighting, architecture, and engineering. They are architects, contractors, designers, decorators, educators, manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers.
Have the exhibiting experts by your side for the best brand presence at display ground

Expo Stand Service is a perfect place for a trade show booth

Exhibitors and visitors are invited to introduce their brands, products, and solutions. Most importantly, connect with industry leaders and professionals. That said, Lightfair International aims to provide the education, inspiration, and connections you need to succeed and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Therefore, you need to exhibit at a unique show that offers a lifelong opportunity.

If you are looking for an experienced trade show booth rental company for LFI 2023 to help you build your ideal booth at Light Fair International, contact Expo Stand Services now and close your deal at the highest guaranteed market price.

We’ve years of experience as a trade show booth builder in Las Vegas along with a diverse portfolio.


In the end, Lightfair International is a place for you to in-build your brand name into the visitor’s mind. Get ready to rule at LFI 2023 in Las Vegas with Expo Stand Services.

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