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Showcase Your Latest Fintech Solutions at Money 20/20 Las Vegas

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Money 20/20 Las Vegas is a well-known global trade show for the payments and financial services industries. It is set to take place from October 22–25 at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. The Money 20/20 trade show 2023 will attract thousands of Fintech specialists. It will comprise top executives, thought leaders, and innovators from all around the world. Money 20/20 Las Vegas 2023 is an excellent platform for networking, engaging in dynamic debates, and learning about the future of banking.

Why does one need to attend the Money 20/20 trade show 2023?

  • At Money 20/20 Las Vegas, attendees can learn about the Fintech sector’s developments, trends, opportunities, and concerns.
  • Money 20/20 trade show 2023 will provide numerous networking opportunities, such as roundtable discussions, one-on-one meetings, and social events.
  • Industry experts will deliver more than 60 hours of critical content, discussing the technicalities and challenges of the fintech ecosystem.

Whom will you meet at Money 20/20 Las Vegas in 2023?

  • Over 13,000+ global & professional visitors will be attending the Money 20/20 trade show 2023. 
  • At Money 20/20 Las Vegas 2023, approximately 3,000+ leading companies will showcase their latest advancements in the financial sector.
  • 7 out of 10 will be decision-makers at Money 20/20 Las Vegas in 2023, which will shape the future of the fintech sector.
  • 350+ industry-leading speakers will also be available at the Money 20/20 trade show 2023. 
  • Speakers from Amazon, Google, Visa, Mastercard, and many others will attend Money 20/20 Las Vegas 2023.

A sneak peek at the whole money ecosystem and the sectors:

Money 20/20 Las Vegas in 2023 will converge professionals worldwide from different sectors in fintech and finance, including:

  • Investment
  • Insurance & Insurtech
  • Lending
  • Banking
  • Retails
  • Payments
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • RegTech and government
  • Data Analytics and AI

Agenda of Money 20/20 Las Vegas 2023:

Money 20/20 trade show 2023 agenda focuses on tales delivered via four unique chapters. It targets the very heart of what is occurring today and where the industry is heading next:

  1. Trust & Uncertainty
  2. Creative Destruction & A Technological Renaissance
  3. Age of Fundamentals
  4. It’s Time to Build (Utility)

Do.Better.Together: Empowering Future Fintech Leaders

Money 20/20 trade show 2023 thinks that women, minorities, and marginalized workers in financial services should have a stronger voice. With dedicated platforms and programs, Money 20/20 Las Vegas 2023 will elevate their voices. It will open doors for the community to enable genuine change and eliminate systematic bias through the RiseUp and Amplify programs.


RiseUp at Money20/20 Las Vegas is an annual worldwide event that responds to the demand to support more diversity in the financial sector. It offers women on their leadership journeys the network, resources, and tactics they need to strategically progress their careers and reach new heights. RiseUp is an overtly inclusive program for women of all gender identities.


Money20/20 Las Vegas realizes the fintech industry’s full potential and ignites an industry-wide diversity and inclusion movement. Amplify guarantees this community works as a change agent for the larger fintech sector. The Money 20/20 trade show 2023, via Amplify, will increase awareness and foster relationships for minorities and underrepresented groups.

Money 20/20 Las Vegas 2023 is a must-attend conference focusing on innovation and thought leadership. Exhibitors that want to be at the top of the Fintech business should secure trade show booths to showcase their products. If you plan to attend the Money 20/20 Las Vegas, you will require a reliable exhibiting partner, like ESS. We are a top trade show booth builder in Las Vegas, offering unique displays to maximize your impact. ESS’s expert designers develop a unique exhibition stand based on your specifications to make you stand out.

Book your display with ESS to elevate your business at Money 20/20 Las Vegas 2023!

Thousands of exhibitors will vie for attention at Money 20/20 Las Vegas in 2023. So, it requires striking a booth to stand out, and we can provide the same. With years of expertise in the trade show industry, we know what is required to make a captivating display.

Our experienced builders and designers work tirelessly to provide you with a high-quality booth for Money 20/20 Las Vegas. We strive to comprehend all the requirements & objectives, then fabricate a booth representing your business. Our builder ensures it meets and exceeds your expectations and drives revenue at Money 20/20 Las Vegas 2023. Booking your display with us will enable you to maximize your ROI.

Why choose us as your exhibiting partner for the Money 20/20 trade show 2023?

  • We provide compelling displays regardless of your budget and don’t compromise on quality.
  • Our comprehensive trade show services ensure a hassle-free exhibiting experience at Money 20/20 Las Vegas and other exhibits.
  • ESS also provides post-exhibit support, like dismantling, storing, and maintaining your booths.
  • We ensure to eliminate any issue arising at the show floor of Money 20/20 Las Vegas 2023 or elsewhere with our 24×7 dedicated project managers.
  • Our expert builders & designers will turn your dream of exhibiting into reality.

In 2023, Money 20/20 Las Vegas will be converging the industry leaders to discuss & show the latest in the Fintech industry. It is one of the best opportunities to boost your financial technology business. If you want to exhibit, collaborating with ESS will lead you to success. We provide result-oriented trade show booths that help you to maximize the impact. Expo Stand Services can assist you in prevailing at the Money 20/20 Las Vegas 2023. Contact us to learn more about our services and book your distinctive display.

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