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Important things for a splendid trade show booth design

Trade Show Booth Design

Pre-show promotions and scheduling meetings in advance are great ways to attract visitors to your booth. When it comes to trade show set-up, any seasoned trade show booth design or trade show booth rental provider will tell you the same thing about the basics of creativity in your area: keep it simple and unique but still understandable and concise in terms of space and message. As the booth will be the exhibitors’ main attraction, the design of the trade show is essential. While developing a trade show presence may seem like relatively easy rules, you’d be surprised how often these seemingly straightforward rules are quickly ignored.

But what to do to design a successful trade show booth?

Try these tips for designing a successful trade show booth to make your next showroom the best.

Make it interactive

Passive exhibits during trade shows can be compelling, but engaging your audience through interactive trade show booth design is even more effective. It doesn’t just mean creating videos or laying out product samples; it also means creating activities for people. This strategy is called engagement marketing. If you’ve been to a trade fair as a visitor, you’ve probably picked up several giveaways and brochures as you walk through the conference hall. It is also possible that you entered the game to win a prize or entered the competition to win a better perk. Even if you want a t-shirt, you’ll remember the company name and branding. Presence is significant for brands. Get creative and consider adding interactivity to your trade show booth design

  • Color scheme

The atmosphere of the entire booth changes depending on the colour scheme. Whether you want your brand and display to be calm and relaxing or stimulating and vibrant, we have a colour scheme for you.

  • Vibes

Colours significantly impact the mood of visitors to a trade show. Pastel, turquoise, or brown and ivory tones give booth visitors a calm and relaxed feeling. Bright primary colours tend to excite people. 

  • Contrast color

Using contrasting pops of colour draws attention to what you are presenting. 

  • How to choose a palette?

Choosing a colour palette can be tricky, but you can easily make it a fun experience. 

Create unity 

People can get confused if too much is happening in the booth. You should choose trade show booth design elements that work together rather than compete with each other. For example, if you focus on one-on-one interactions, you compete with big screens with aggressive images, loud music, and salespeople offering demos and discussing products. Everything must work together to achieve your goals.

 Use intelligent storage

Running a trade show booth on weekends takes a lot of equipment. Additionally, you may need to keep your handbag, laptop, or other valuables while working on the floor. Smart Storage turns your table base and other booth components into lockable storage options to keep your valuables safe and your booth clean and tidy. 

Multimedia orientation

Planning a trade show booth design must allow free movement from the aisles. Position your trade show booth design so it’s easily visible from the busiest spot. For example, most traffic will come through the main corridors and lobby doors. Therefore, ensure that all trade show booth design elements are visible to them.

Make clear copies and summaries

Always try to keep your messages short and to the point. Of course, it should be intriguing and captivating, but only to attract passive visitors to your booth so you can tell them more. It takes three to four seconds for your company’s appearance to grab a potential client’s attention, and the words that adorn your appearance need to be highly relevant and full of intrigue to have the most significant impact. Think of your display as a roadside billboard and try to convey your brand in six words or less.

Carpet and floor coordinated

Adapt the floor of your booth to the accessories you use. They must complement each other. When choosing a suitable flooring material, you can consider carpet, tile, foam, rubber, and patterned flooring. These are all popular floor coverings favoured by exhibitors across the city. Whatever you decide, consider the long-term maintenance costs and their impact on your budget.

Make sure the picture formatting and resolution are correct

While today’s iPhone takes decent photos and Instagram’s thumbnail filter adds extra sparkle to cell phone photos, trade show appearances require high-resolution images and properly formatted graphics. Otherwise, there is a risk that elements in your printed documents will become pixelated, fuzzy, or stretched. Hire a professional trade show booth design or booth rental provider to create your materials based on the supplier’s datasheet before printing.


The texture is an often-overlooked element in trade show booth design. Consistency can make your cabin look sleek and modern or warm and inviting. The surface can also be easily changed as your brand evolves. Make sure the types of textures you feature on your booth represent your brand and reflect what you want people to think of your company.

How the plot sets the tone 

The plot is directly related to how people perceive your company. Just as a fluffy blanket can instil a sense of comfort and relaxation, sleek and modern decor can ensure your brand image as a high-end tech company is perceived correctly. Integrating textures such as wood, fabric or metal elements can enrich your presentation and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Include reusable and scalable elements

With a wall system specially developed for booth design, such as go for trade show booth rental or beMatrix, you can adapt your booth flexibly and quickly from year to year. The system uses a variety of frames, panels, light boxes, LED skins and accessories to incorporate elements that meet your needs. Easy to assemble without tools and very stable. Take advantage of the flexible trade show booth design that allows you to adjust the booth to suit your exhibit space. Easy to carry, install and store. Even if you don’t need it every year, it’s available whenever you need it. It’s fully customizable so you can add or remove elements from your booth anytime.

Use good booth design

Designing a good display booth is a science, just like creating a good home or restaurant. Businesses spend a great deal of time and energy strategically and purposefully designing floor plans for maximum impact, from retail stores to Las Vegas casinos. If there are seats, it matters where they are placed. Where and how you set the display is also essential. It matters where you put your business card or iPad to collect email addresses—every element of your trade show booth matters. Therefore, to get the most out of your trade show booth design, seek the help of a professional designer. There are hundreds of trade show booth ideas on the internet, but the most important thing to remember is that you want your trade show booth to be memorable. Feel free to try something unique and different. 

The Out Stroke

Ensure your trade show booth design is always good and your table display is neat and clutter-free. Limit the number of personal items trade show booth design, such as bags brought in by staff. Make sure you have space to store inventory, other materials, and personnel supplies.

These tips will help you design the best trade show booth. Contact ESS if you still need help creating a successful trade show booth. We have experience designing stunning booths for every trade show and budget to make your next trade show the best it can be; the best part is that we also offer trade show booth rental!

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