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Top 7 Trade Show Booth Builders in Las Vegas

top 7 trade show booth builders in las vegas

Booths are one of the most essential elements of a trade fair. These are the displays where visitors can discover your offerings. These are well-designed temporary structures to accommodate people and products for the best presentations. For this reason, many booth builders have sprung up in Las Vegas whose sole purpose is to build trade show stands that can then be rented. They will be searching for the best trade show booth designers in Las Vegas for the people looking to purchase booth rentals in Las Vegas in the near future.

Expo Stand Services

trade fair construction Company
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Expo Stand Services is a trade show booth design company in Las Vegas with years of experience in the trade show sector worldwide. They have a team of experienced booth designers and builders who increase the value of the services they offer. As a trade fair construction company, they offer comprehensive services in this area and support our customers in planning and implementing a high-quality project under the supervision of experts. They take every detail into account and help you get the most out of your investment. The efficient team of experts can help you turn your vision into reality. They have the skills to work within your budget without compromising the quality of the project.

Thanks to their global reach and in-house manufacturing capabilities, they can deliver stands to multiple locations simultaneously. Expo Stand Services is a high-visibility, high-impact turnkey trade show company offering 360-degree expertise in brand marketing and professional trade shows in the USA. When it comes to a trade show stand design and installation, Expo Stand Services offers everything you need to give your brand a substantial marketing boost at every trade show in the world.

Design Factory

Source: dflv.com

Design Factory Las Vegas has been building trade show booths and other related services for 15 years. As a gaming veteran, the company has gone through ups and downs to become what it is today and plans to continue growing. The company offers integrated services based on three disciplines: events, trade fairs and environments. These three lead the company to meet the specific needs of each customer. Design Factory Las Vegas is a full-service booth builder that includes design, in-house graphics, prepress, production, point-of-sale purchasing, trade shows and trade show management. This means that after registering with DFLV, the customer receives comprehensive treatment, which can save time and money.

Triumfo International GmbH

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Source: www.triumfo.us

It is one of the trusted trade show design companies that specializes in providing superior trade show design services to its clients. They work with you to conceptualize and ideate your vision into reality. After receiving the concept, they will further process it with our creative department to design, create, and construct the stand. The technology, expertise and international quality standards they bring to the trade show are unimaginable. The company has been providing trade show booth design in Las Vegas for years. They transform the way businesses are presented through trade shows. When it comes to trade fair booths, they are a genuine trade fair partner.


Source: www.obooths.com

OBooths is also a competitive trade show booth designer and builder, with its reach tailored to international markets. They design some of the best stands ever, suitable for all types of businesses. The Las Vegas trade show booth design company was founded in 2011 and, in that short time, has been able to compete with some of the biggest names in the industry. oBooths has workshops in over 22 countries on 5 continents, so they supply trade show booths in any region of the world that requires them. This is one of the reasons why the company is internationally recognized. The access they provide our customers is unparalleled. At the same time, oBooths often collaborates with other companies to ensure that those who use its services receive the best service money can buy.


Source : www.exponents.com

Exponents, Inc. is a luxury custom booth rental company in Las Vegas and has been in business for years. The company is recognized in the industry for many innovative initiatives that have changed the way trade show exhibits are designed and manufactured.

Aplus Expo

Aplus Expo
Source: www.aplusexpo.com

Aplus Expo was founded in 2008 and has contributed significantly to giving many businesses the opportunity to showcase their products and services at the trade show. The company designs, manufactures, and ships stands directly to customers in the United States and beyond. Aplus Expo is based in Las Vegas and has an impressive list of customers from all over the world, which proves how reliable their trade show stands are. The company has a habit of cutting corners and using only the best materials, ensuring that Aplus Expo remains at the cutting edge. Aplus Expo offers excellent prices depending on the size of your desired booth, making it within the affordable range even for small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have enough funds for an event as significant as attending a large trade show.

SAK Design LLC

SAK Design LLC
Source: www.sak-design.com

SAK Design LLC is another multinational trade show booth builder that has been around for several years. They are known for world-class service that goes beyond just designing and manufacturing trade show stands. They are also actively involved in consulting and event management, offering the entire package from design to overall trade fair management to ensure the best possible experience. Customer care is at the heart of the company’s growth, and the company puts all of its energy and resources into ensuring that its visitors get more than what they pay for. This booth rental Las Vegas company also has a particular product category called “Custom Trade shows,” which is unique in many ways. Custom-made trade shows have a particular aesthetic appeal, are practical, convey the wishes of the customer and are affordable.

The right company for trade show booth design in Las Vegas can make the difference between success and failure. That’s why you need to do thorough background research on the people you want to work with. There are many other booth builders, but these seven are among the best and provide a good starting point for your selection.

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