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We build custom trade show booth designs that work

We build custom trade show booth designs that work

We are an award-winning trade show display design and manufacturing company and work with clients of all sizes. Our custom trade show booth designs are based on big ideas rather than ready-made solutions. As we at ESS work extremely hard to ensure the final product meets your expectations. We are committed to helping our customers find better ideas and better ways to present them! We consider every detail, including layout, construction, engineering, flooring, lighting, accessories, graphics, and furniture. Our talented team consists of qualified and experienced design consultants, graphic designers, show strategists, project managers, professional typographers, builders, and skilled booth designers. With the help of our in-house designers, who always use the latest technologies and materials, we carefully adapt trade show booths to your brand.

ESS approaches trade fair planning strategically and holistically

We want your appearance to not only leave an impression, but we want you to have a positive experience working with us. We start by developing a unique trade show idea that takes into account your goals, your target audience, your budget, your overall marketing strategy, the environment, and the type of trade shows you attend, among many other factors. Our entire team supports your project together so that your company receives what you need for the success of your trade fair. Then, we add a bit of innovation and the WOW factor to help your booth stand out from the competition, increase traffic, and attract better leads for your team. The result is that you and your business look great!

What is a custom trade show booth?

As the name suggests, custom trade show booth design is a way for brands to make things more personal. In its purest form, a custom booth is built from scratch and recreated for each trade show. These rooms generally have a larger area and a larger budget. Construction methods may vary based on individual nature, but many utilize the collaboration of engineered wood and aluminum.

How much does it cost to design a trade show booth?

The price you pay for a trade show booth depends on several factors.

  • booth size
  • the material it was made from and others.

A specialist design and construction company can handle all aspects of the booth design and construction process, delivering high-quality trade show booths tailored to your specifications.

How much does a trade booth cost?

The cost you pay for a trade show booth depends primarily on the type of booth you want. There are three main categories of booth or booth designs.

  • Portable booth design
  • Modular booth design
  • Custom trade show booth design

The square footage cost typically includes the structural elements of the booth, as well as lighting, graphics, and crates or crates used for packaging. A/V equipment and contents are not included in the square footage cost. In some cases, flooring and furniture may be included, but this is rare, so be careful when purchasing a booth.

How can I make my trade show booth attractive?

Follow these tips when designing your next trade show booth, or display, and you’ll make a bigger impact.

  • Use three bright colors to draw attention to your booth.
  • Make it Interactive
  • Grab attention and be on-brand
  • Incorporate space into your custom trade show booth design.
  • Use lighting to focus attention
  • Tell your brand`s unique story
  • Incorporate motion into your booth
  • Incorporate your products into your display in an original way.
  • Use focal points to direct attention.
  • Feel free to invest in your trade show booth design.
  • Differentiate yourself with unique shapes and materials.

Exhibitors around the world are looking for custom trade show booth designs that are appealing and appealing. The reason is that these trade show booths are unique, innovative, and specially designed after understanding the requirements of our customers. Due to the uniqueness of these booths, visitors visited the booths in search of the products. These booths can easily grab the attention of visitors and differentiate your brand from your competitors. ESS is a leader in the production of custom trade show booth design. Our project managers first listen to the client’s brief and draw a 3D animation for you that represents a true extension of the brand. We use endless creativity and cutting-edge technology to create trade show booths that easily tell your brand story and immerse your visitors in a personal environment. We design custom booths that promote your brand and its core message. We use specific branding techniques by integrating various brand identity elements such as colors, slogans, logos, and business values. Our well-designed customized trade show booths will help you leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

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