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Why opt for Modular trade show booth design in Los Angeles for your next exhibit?

Why opt for Modular trade show booth design in Los Angeles for your next exhibit?

An important part of your marketing strategy is presentations at industry trade shows. A large portion of the budget for these shows is spent on designing Modular or custom trade show booth design in Los Angeles. Companies attending these trade shows invest a significant portion of their budget in exhibits designed to engage attendees and leave a lasting, positive impression. While custom trade show booths have several advantages, the modular trade show booth gives exhibitors more room to manoeuvre and options for a successful presentation. Some companies invest in customized displays, while others aim for more modular displays. Here are some reasons you should choose a modular trade show booth over a custom one.


The versatility of modular trade show booths is undeniable. These are ideal if your company travels to different trade shows in spaces of different sizes. Modular trade shows are ideal for companies attending multiple trade shows with changing exhibit space requirements. The modular display’s building blocks are flexible and can be easily configured into different sizes, facilitating customization. Graphics can be reused across different display sizes. Small tweaks to resolution and format can reduce overall costs.


Custom trade show booths are much more expensive than modular trade show booth designs in Los Angeles. However, you save on initial costs, drying, and storage.

Return on investment

All the above advantages provide a high return on investment, making modular trade show booth the best choice.

Effective use of space

Another reason to use modular trade show booth design in Los Angeles is to save space. You don’t want to clutter your booth with clunky traditional displays. The modern and elegant modular walls allow visitors to enter the booth and inquire about the products. A few strategically placed panels can also be used to guide visitors into your space and guide them to their desired location.

Flexibility and freshness 

The most obvious advantage of modular trade show booth design in Los Angeles is also the most important flexibility. With a modular trade show booth, you can move sections and customize the layout of your exhibit based on the space available at each show. A custom exhibit designed for a 30-foot space cannot be reconfigured for a smaller space, which can land you in trouble if you don’t have an alternative.

Modular trade show displays can be reconfigured so your exhibit area looks fresh at every trade show, which can increase traffic and interest.

Easy assembly 

The pre-assembled parts of the modular trade show booth help with easy assembly and disassembly. The modular trade show booth design in Los Angeles can save you time and additional labour costs.


Consisting of various components such as lighting, tabletops, frames, shelves and more, you can customize the display to your liking. You can customize your logo, images, slogan, or other graphics. With better targeting, you’ll attract more qualified leads.

Easier Shipping 

If you want your display to arrive at a trade show before you do, shipping a modular trade show booth is much easier than a custom display. Most custom exhibits don’t break down into small enough parts to transport on an aeroplane. Modular booths ensure the flexibility to exhibit at multiple trade shows with the same booth.


A modular trade show booth is also very durable, even with transport and repeated set-up. The frames are usually made from a sturdy material such as aluminium or fibreglass, and the fabric panels are made from durable polyester or nylon. These hold up well over their lifetime, no matter how frequently they are used, making them a good long-term investment.

With today’s modular trade show booth design in Los Angeles, your business can have the look and feel of a custom display without the hassle and high cost. When the next trade show is coming up, you will appreciate the ease of assembly and flexibility of your modular trade show booth. ESS has been your source for modular trade show booth design in Los Angeles. With years of experience in all types of trade shows, we have the dedicated service you need when you want to create a great display at a low cost with high quality.

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