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Modern Technologies for Your Trade Show Booth

Trade Show Booth

Technology offers exhibitors new and more attractive ways to present themselves at the show. There are many ways to be successful at a trade show and, more importantly, different standards of what constitutes ‘success’. But having a great trade show booth will always be one of the best ways! New technological advances continue to transform how companies market themselves and engage potential customers at upcoming trade shows.

These are the top goals for today’s exhibitors. At Expo Stand Services, we follow technology trends closely and always look for great new ideas for trade show booth design.

But with all the new technologies available, professionals in the industry need to be on the cutting edge when it comes to creating a spectacular trade show booth that delivers results. These are just some of the technologies we, as a trade show booth builder already working on or will be working on shortly.

Trendy technologies for trade show booth

Undoubtedly, many companies have set up a seating area in their trade show booth equipped with various technologies. So what’s hot in trade show booth tech this year? Here we have mentioned some of the most promising trends to consider if you want to stand out and be noticed.

Popular things to stand out the most at a display ground

Creative Lighting

Excellent lighting is one of our secret weapons. It can create dramatic effects, highlight the best products or guide visitors around the stand. We are particularly excited to be working with 3D projection mapping technology. With a little help from your computer, you can use well-hidden spotlights to completely change the look of your setup or the entire trade show booth!

Photo booths

Interesting, right? People LOVE photo booths! So make sure you have a unique background, and personalize the photo strips with your company logo and funny accessories. It offers unprecedented appeal, and attendees will be lining up to visit your booth. Also, if we’ve learned anything in the business, people love a photo booth, and no one will throw their photo away. Your logo will always remind them of you.

Video wall

Video walls have become a major attraction lately. The large, high-resolution images are eye-catching. Use it appropriately by sharing great stories about your brand, products, and services. Interactive trade show booths, in the form of touch screens, can be a creative way to engage with audiences and receive feedback. You can let them slide or answer yes or no questions. Digital experience is the key to success today because people want the same thing. You can be more creative and go live with social media platforms while engaging with your customers.


Gamification is using game elements to increase participant engagement and participation. It’s a popular trade show booth design as games can be a valuable tool to attract visitors to your booth, collect their contact information, and encourage participation. It provides an easy way to market your business to an audience outside the show venue.

Beacon technique

Another interactive technology that is becoming more common is Beacon technology. With this technology, you can follow the path of your visitors in the hall. This data allows for a better understanding of pedestrian traffic and peak times and shows the habits of the participants.

Technical stop

The trade show can bring even the toughest to their knees. Attendees try to enjoy every minute and spend hours standing to make the most of their visit. The result: a tired, sore, hungry, and thirsty crowd. It allows exhibitors to make technology their heroes and provide a much-needed rest area to charge their devices. It’s another way to be a great guest and be rewarded with a new business opportunity.

You can set up a digital resting place with comfortable chairs or sofas, coffee tables, gazebos with integrated USB ports, power outlets, and Apple and Android connections. Other services you can offer visitors to your booth include snacks and beverages, a concierge call for post-show activities, and interactive touch screens that allow visitors to learn more about your brand.

Face recognition

Facial recognition can be tricky as it raises privacy concerns, but non-intrusive ways exist to use it in the trade show booth. It’s a great way to sign up attendees, measure their experience, and track attendee participation.

Touch screens

Its 2021, so you might think your touch screens no longer evoke emotions. But they’re still as irresistible as they were when they first came out. You don’t have to invest in an expensive touchscreen setup or buy multiple iPads for the trade show booth design. You can rent a touch screen. Pick up an extravagant little trade show booth for your next exhibit, and the clock faces will light up with excitement.

Touch screen rental companies can even create custom software. You can use the touch screen for a game that informs people about your products, services, and more.

 Charging station

Creating a good spot or charging station can be a smart way to engage people at your trade show booth. Convenient location and rich content can help increase brand awareness. Again, this can be a great way to promote your brand, as you can showcase your logo and easily grab attention.

View your app or website with a huge smartphone

Giant smartphones are perfect for app demos, custom video content, recording, or sharing your website with users at scale. Markets are busy places – people will likely avoid staring at a screen. However, creating an interactive experience increases people’s curiosity and draws them to your trade show booth. Once you’ve created the perfect content, maximize your success by presenting it appealingly. These smartphones come in two different sizes and have a desktop version.

Interactive Flooring

You can make your trade show booth design the most participatory element of your booth. You can change floors when a visitor centers by installing cube-shaped LED lights with proximity sensors that detect movement. Impress your trade show booth visitors with the intelligent positioning of the responsive LED floor.

Here are some of the latest cutting-edge technologies that can be used to make trade show booths more attractive. You can always contact leading trade show booth builders and designers to find the best and new tools to improve them. We are one such trade show booth builder that has been helping national and international clients to impress at exhibits for many years.

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