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Trade Show booth Rental in Chicago

Join hands with Expo Stand Services for a top-notch trade show booth rental in Chicago. Trust our rental booths for maximum visibility and engagement at trade shows. Reach out to us to explore our comprehensive range of booths, built in different sizes and designs.

Trusted Premier Top Tier Trade Show Booth Rentals in Chicago

Expo Stand Services is a well-positioned trade show booth display company in Chicago that delivers the best place for trade show booth rental. Our team of designers, builders, and project managers produces world-class trade shows and displays seen at the trade show you can imagine.

Because everything is done in-house at our facilities on both sides of the ocean, we keep everything under control, ensuring the highest quality in your trade show booth rental in Chicago, from design to building, installing to dismantling, and storage (if required). Here at Expo Stand Services, our professionals offer a wide range of services, from design to production, 3D modeling, sketching, and drawing. We work on every project, from small to large, and assign professionals.

That’s why if you’re looking for a professional to rent a trade show display rental in Chicago, you should consider us because we’re skilled enough to help you attract your customers.


A lot can be done with a 10 x 10 space that will be functional and impressive. For those new to exhibiting, a 10 x 10 booth is the best option for your budget.

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The 20 x 20 booth is the perfect solution to maximize space in your exhibit. The possible products of 20×20 trade show booths are as wide-ranging as you can imagine


Expo Stand Services' 30 x 30 trade show booth is designed to meet your requirements. It is uniquely designed and attractive, grabbing the crowd's attention at the display ground.

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The most significant advantage of a 40x40 booth is having a unique booth where guests can wait and relax.

What to Expect from Our Trade Show Booth Rentals in Chicago

We help you create long leads for your customers. From a simple first sketch on paper to a full product display, Expo Stand Services has the experience and team to transform your ideas into a work exhibit that will help you stand out and build your brand. We follow an honest policy to keep you informed and safe about your investment without any after-market surprises. Chicago combines creativity, quality, and efficiency to create an immersive experience.

Hundreds of companies attend trade shows, so making your presence known is difficult because all organizations have deals and the best ways to attract buyers. However, if you are interested, then you can handle tough competition because Expo Stand Services will first help you deliver the best trade show booth rental in Chicago and, at the same time, show that you belong to the brand.

At Expo Stand Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quickly and reliably, which is essential in the fast-paced business environment. Coming up with a unique design requires a lot of creativity, courtesy of the expert team at Expo Stand Services. That’s why we offer the best trade show display rental in Chicago.

Expo Stand Services is a trade show booth builder in Chicago known for delivering the highest quality booths! We value small details from the very first stage, which is why our team meets with a representative to understand the goals and requirements of your marketing efforts. We offer the quality you can rely on.

From the layout phase to building, transport, and installation- we take the exceptional trade show booths and offerings seriously. Our trade show booth design in Chicago is an extension of your brand and your advertising efforts, and we make sure that the exceptional of our trade show booth rental in Chicago exceeds your expectations. Our top-notch trade show booth builder in Chicago prepares a masterpiece that suits your exhibiting goal and needs. There are many methods to trade show booth design in Chicago, a large number of design options available, and plenty of methods to supply trade show booth rental in Chicago and exhibiting offerings.

Expo Stand Services guarantees the exceptionality of your exhibit, and offerings are planned, monitored, and reviewed in order to supply the proper challenge. We pride ourselves on our focus on the little things and strive to provide unparalleled customer service. Whether you need a small display production, a large display or sales project, purchase or rent displays, we believe we can provide you with the exceptional customer service you deserve.

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What Makes Us the Top Choice for Trade Show Booth Rentals in Chicago?

Our dedicated project management ensures smooth coordination and communication, making your exhibiting experience as efficient and stress-free as possible. Our expert graphic designers create 3D designs, giving you a precise concept of your booth’s appearance. After your approval, we move seamlessly to the execution stage. With a proven track record of successful collaborations across various industries for 15 years, we meet the specific exhibiting standards in Chicago.

Thanks to our extensive experience with trade show booth rentals in Chicago and partnerships throughout major conference cities globally, we offer comprehensive turnkey services. For a custom trade show booth design in Chicago, rely on us to deliver exactly what you envision. Since 2008, Expo Stand Services has provided exhibitors with cost-effective solutions for designing and building trade show booth rentals in Chicago.

Why Choose Expo Stand Services for Your Trade Show Booth Rental in Chicago?

At Expo Stand Services, we provide the best trade show booth rentals in Chicago to suit any trade show, from the smallest events to the world’s largest exhibitions. We offer a complete solution because we understand how important it is for you to focus on fulfilling your promise to your target audience. With a wide range of options and one of the largest warehouses, we ensure you have everything you need for your trade show booth rental in Chicago.

When you partner with us, you can rest assured that you are working with the premier trade show booth builder in Chicago. From concept and design to setup and completion, we guide you through every step of the display rental process. Expo Stand Services offers the most modern trade show booths in Chicago, known for our flexible and comprehensive services that create opportunities and streamline marketing activities.

Our robust, detailed, and comprehensive design, production, and project management processes ensure your trade show is a success. If you are looking for the best trade show booth rental in Chicago, trust us to deliver. We are the leading trade show booth display company in Chicago. Just give us a call or visit our website; we are here to provide you with the best exhibiting experience!

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